Benefits of Zumba

Benefits of Zumba

Working out can be something so hard to start again, especially after taking a 1 year break, trust me I know. Whether you are getting back to the grind or just looking to shake things up it’s important to remember these 5 awesome benefits of working out:

5 Benefits of Working Out

  1. Relieve Stress- Rough day at work? No problem, dance the stress away, dance like no-one is watching. Seriously, we’re all there learning together, sometimes looking like a frog in a blender dancing, but hey, we’re moving right? Better than what you did all morning, sit at a computer with little to no motion. You’ll feel so much better after the session, trust me, yesterday was a bear of a day at work, Lenders not delivering as promised, endless emails, phone calls and text messages galore. It felt freeing to dance, and I did it like no-one else was watching.
  2. Socialize- Okay I know what you’re thinking “I’m not talking to anyone while I do this, I can barely breathe during the routine”… I’m with you, neither can I and I don’t. What I do is arrive a little early so I can get a good spot, stretch and visit with the girls that take the class with me. After class we talk too, sometimes about how hard a particular dance was and sometimes we talk about how glad we are we didn’t die in class today. Small talk, but good talk.
  3. Look Good Naked- Sure, I look great dressed. Who doesn’t? A little tuck here, a shove there, a pair of spanks, a shaping undershirt. Now take all that off and it’s a party. Working out tones you, tightens you and makes you look better naked. Pants get looser, shirts don’t do the weird bunchy thing. Stick with it, you’ll be so happy you did!  Remember it takes 4 weeks for you to notice change and 6 weeks for everyone else to see those changes in your body.
  4. Sleep Better- Sleep like a baby. Guess what’s happening when you are sleeping? Your body is recovering from the day, and if you worked out your muscles are like a little army repairing, growing and shaping the new you.
  5. Eat Better- Let’s be honest here, you have already committed to working out so the last thing you’ll do is sabotage your hard work by eating poorly. For me it’s this mental magic that takes place, I’ve worked hard in my Zumba class, I don’t want to wreck it by fueling my body with junk! I make it a habit to have a protein shake after my workout to fuel my muscles properly and encourage muscle repair and recovery.

If you are looking for a great place to take Zumba join me weekly at the Rosena Ranch Clubhouse evenings 7:30-8:30 p.m. and we can dance together!  To learn more about Rosena Ranch and the benefits of living in a Master Planned Community please call Courtney O’Steen at 909-275-8299.


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