Shooting to Sell Benefits of Real Estate Photography

Shooting to Sell

Selling your home is a big decision and when you do decide you to sell you want to showcase your home in the best light before others see it. After all a home is the single largest investment most families have so you want to make sure you maximize your bottomline. It’s important when selling your home to remember these 5 benefits of using a professional photographer:

5 Reasons you Need a Professional Photographer to Capture your Home

  1. They do this all the time- Really, they do. Think about your job and what you do, perhaps you are a surgeon and you work on hearts, I wouldn’t want to have you working on my brain if that’s not your speciality. Or perhaps your a mechanic, I wouldn’t bring my son’s skateboard to you for repair. A professional in their trade is exactly that, a professional. That’s why I hire someone to do all my photography for the homes I’m listing for sale, I’m a professional Realtor® not a photographer……
  2. They know what SELLS- They shoot hundreds of homes a year and they see everything, I mean EVERYTHING! They see what is available on the market and a great photographer knows how to capture it with the right angle and lighting.
  3. They have the RIGHT equipment- A professional Real Estate photographer owns the top-of-the-line equipment, they aren’t shooting off their iPhone and hoping for the best. They have every tool needed to capture the perfect shot from HD cameras to drones and iGuide technology.
  4. You won’t see them in the photo- We’ve all seen it before, the REALTOR® who thinks they are incognito but their reflection is lingering in the photo. Nothing is more distracting than a person’s reflection in the mirror or a child running by in a shot. Don’t let this happen to you, you deserve better, so does your house.
  5. You won’t waste time- Let’s be honest here, you have little time to make a positive impression on a potential buyer. Why would you waste it attempting your own photos? Even worse why would you chance it? Real Estate is a competition and you want to win! Partnering with the right REALTOR® will allow you to have all the tools you need for a successful sale.

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