How to Stage a Home

How to Stage a Home

Staging a home can be the most gratifying experience when you see your completed project. It can also be the most mind boggling thing to do when you don’t know where to start. Whether you are staging your home for personal enjoyment or to sell your home it’s important to follow these 5 simple rules:

5 Simple Rules of Staging a Home

  1. Keep it Light- wall colors are best in neutral hues, greys are all the rage right now. Colors do go through popularity phases, remember the beige phase? Bright or bold colors are best as an accent wall or try using bold accent pillows. You can also bring bold designs through artwork and make it the star of the show. As a rule of thumb the darker the color, the smaller the room seems.
  2. Keep it Simple- a minimalist approach in decorating is always appreciated. Remember to take into consideration the size of room you are working with, in smaller spaces you may need to rethink that 5 piece sectional. Think of pieces that have multiple function, need storage? Choose a coffee table that doubles as a storage. Put a basket under your side tables to store blankets and board games.
  3. Pick Staple Pieces- A couch can make all the difference in a room, it sets the tone for your space. Are you in love with contemporary designs? More of a traditionalist? Pick your couch first and then choose complementary pieces to go with your new couch. Pro tip- Do you have animals? Pick a fabric color in the same family of colors as your fur baby. I have a Golden Retriever and my couch is a cream color, this makes fur less noticeable in between vacuuming.
  4. Keep it Open- don’t block that fabulous fireplace with a couch! Design mistakes come from hiding the beautiful features your home already has and framing them in to highlight the lines. Sliding doors should be framed in with accent chairs, not a bulky Lazyboy chair.
  5. Personalize it- do add personal flair to your room. Like biking? Add a small statue and tie it together with a canvas art piece. This lets your guests know what you love without overwhelming them with an overflow of nicknacks.

Check out this cute single-story home I had the pleasure of staging below, this cutie SOLD with just 5 days on the market. If you have any questions about Staging or what the Real Estate market looks like please call Courtney O’Steen at 909-275-8299.

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